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Caller rating for 01268297650

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1 of 2 perceived this call as harassment.
2 of 2 received no info on caller even on demand

Caller info for 01268297650

Possible Owner: Aqua? Unconfirmed at this time
User interest: very high - Show history
Telephone number: 01268-297650
international: (01268)-297-650
AreaCode: Basildon - United Kingdom
Further Information: Find out
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Ratings on 01268297650

  • 01268297650 rated as Aqua (Date: Dec 30, 2017 9:14:07 AM)
    AQUA…. apparently I’m someone who is Hungarian… I don’t even have an Aqua card…. I’m harassed because someone has filled in the wrong number. Do yourselves a favour, if you need a credit card AVOID AQUA because imo not only do they not do adequate data security checks but will harrass you via phone, even if you DON’T HAVE A CARD.
    Perceived as Harassment, Received no information about call's cause and legitimacy.,
    Recommendation: Answer calls from this number.
  • 01268297650 rated as Aqua? Unconfirmed at this time (Date: Mar 4, 2018 4:10:57 PM)
    By the time that Caller-Rating provided the opportunity to provide a comment, I had received seven attempts to catch me, one attempt on each of the first three days, and four on Day 4, which was Sunday! Unfortunately, when at work, my phone is set to "silent", so no calls intrude and upset management. Today, Sunday, the caller failed to stay on the line long enough to allow me to pick up the phone. Clever eh?
    no harassment, Received no information about call's cause and legitimacy.,
    Recommendation: Answer calls from this number.

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