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Caller rating for 01908541299

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3 of 7 perceived this call as harassment.
2 of 6 received no info on caller even on demand
4 of 7 would not answer the call again

Caller info for 01908541299

Possible Owner: The Open University
User interest: very high - Show history
Telephone number: 01908-541299
international: (01908)-541-299
AreaCode: Milton Keynes, Wolverton - United Kingdom
Further Information: Find out
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Ratings on 01908541299

  • 01908541299 rated as THE OPEN UNIVERSITY (Date: Feb 10, 2015 12:25:43 PM)
    OPEN UNIVERSITY - A few years ago I expressed a little interest in one of their courses. Now I am bombarded with telephone calls asking would I like to start a course, would I like a prospectus. I say no and the calls with start within seconds the same person or another person, asking me would I like a prospectus, would I like to start a course. I say no again and then a few second later their back again asking the same questions. Even if I was interested in a course I would rather go to the university or technical college in my city. For the Open University are complete pests when it comes to phone calls. They are like flaming stalkers who can't take rejection like the don't understand the word 'No'. I have asked 'The Open University' not to call but, they say they will take me off their call list but then, within days they are back to calling me again. They are pesky pests that I wouldn't use ever. Get yourself an answering machine with caller ID. So you can avoid these stalkers.
    Perceived as Harassment, Received no information about call's cause and legitimacy.,
    Recommendation: Do not answer calls from this number.
  • 01908541299 rated as unknown (Date: Jun 6, 2018 1:28:31 PM)
    Call from student support regarding a query I raised. I am a current student and they contacted me to solve a problem. Very helpful, people just doing their jobs.
    no harassment, Caller Info received on demand ,
    Recommendation: Answer calls from this number.
  • 01908541299 rated as The Open University (Date: Jul 3, 2017 1:44:39 PM)
    This number is The Open University. - The reason they called was on the back of an enquiry I had made a while ago regarding the courses they offer. They were very polite and friendly and do not harass at all. They always check that I am happy to be contacted via telephone in future.
    no harassment, Caller Info received on demand ,
    Recommendation: Answer calls from this number.

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