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Welcome to Caller-Rating!

Find out everything you need to know about an unknown number! All the information on our site is brought to us by our users, who rate phone numbers by filling in a short feedback form. Once a number has been registered by a user, it gets its own 'profile', which other users can consult and add to. This means that we can assign the number a category and a trustworthiness rating, visible to everybody when the number is searched on caller-rating.com. See our ratings guide below. Have you been called by an unknown number? Share your experience and alert other users to potential nuisance callers.

Trustworthy NumberRatings are predominantly positive, number deemed trustworthy
Neutral ratingeither we do not yet have sufficient information to rate this number, or it has an equal amount of positive and negative ratings
Dubious NumberWatch out! The majority of comments for this number are negative - rated untrustworthy.!
We can also provide further information on the number; as well as search statistics and the approximate location for the call in question, we have implemented a "Telephone Statistics" feature, which displays exact search information (time and number of searches per day) for every phone number, helping you to gain further insight on a number's activity.

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How does a phone number's affiliation to a location work?

The affiliation to a location starts with the respective area code. Not only are the national area codes searched but also the international prefixes are considered during the allocation of the number. By adding + or 00 to the actual phone number, you can recognize whether the number is of national or international origin. However, some countries employ the trunk prefix "0" to start their national phone number with. Directory information and special rate numbers often omit the "0". Due to this logic displaying the caller's location on a map is possible. You will see at first sight where the number is coming from.